onsdag den 15. juli 2015

The return of two dedicated travelbugs!

Friday 6th March

Frankly our bodies needed a break from alcoholic beverages, the last few weeks had been hard on us. So it fitted us perfect that we were leaving the party island of Koh Phi Phi. 

We checked out from our bamboo hut, and sweaty as we were, we walked to the harbour and caught the ferry to Krabi. We spend most of the day in a hostel in Krabi town, using their wifi to catch up with people from home, while we waited for our afternoon flight back to Bangkok. 
It slowly became clear to us that we were actually almost on our way home, but we felt as ready as we could for it. At some point we were fed up with travelling, but on the other hand the thought about going home made us anxious. 
Going back to the cold and a daily routine was demotivating for us, but at some stage we were dying to see friends and family again, and were extremely excited to surprise everybody, but we couldn’t help wondering how it would feel like to be back in “reality”. It would probably only be exciting for a few weeks. 
We talked and became nostalgic about our long journey. We have undoubtedly changed and grown in unexpected ways, and none of us feel like the same people we were, when we got on our first flight bound for Beijing. Our relationship has grown a lot the past 1½ year, and we actually feel addicted to each other. We have been together 24 hours each day for the last 545 days. It’s crazy, that we haven't killed each other yet! 
Well back to some of our last travels on our life’s journey. 
Our flight back to Bangkok went all right. I tried my best not to whine about the aircraft’s movements, luckily it only took about an hour before we landed. 
It suited us perfect that Christian and Tanya picked us up in the domestic airport, Don Muang, as the queues to the shuttle buses and taxi’s can be ridiculous long and tiring. The traffic around the airport demands a certain kind of patience and are best described by two words; time-consuming, and chaotic! Fortunately Tanya carries that patience and she brought us “home” safe through the indescribable chaotic and at times dangerous traffic. 
We checked in at Ruamchitt Travellodge again. Then we went out to Christian and Tanya’s favourite bar & restaurant, called Viva. Erik and Christian catched up over a few beers beers while Tanya and I went for a full body massage, just across the street. 

Saturday 7th March

Today’s mission was to buy some Thai mattresses, which we fell in love with long time ago. It’s a relatively thin mattress with a triangular pillow attached to it. We bought 12 of them and got them for a very good price. 5600bath (1120kr) in MBK shopping mall. We browsed around the mall and found a cheap tripod for my camera, which we had to buy as well. The rest of the day we enjoyed the last bit of sun by the swimming pool… We just wanted to relax, as much as it’s physical possible in a big city like Bangkok. We spend another night on Viva and spoiled ourselves with our last Thai massage.  

Sunday 8th March

After a delicious lunch at Mercure Hotel with Christian and Tanya, we spend the rest of the day sorting out our stuff and sewing the last land/flag patches on our bags, while watching Danish tv-shows.
Unofficial this was the last day of our travels, and because of this we started noticing all these small things that we were fascinated about in the beginning, and the things that we knew we would miss seeing and feeling everyday… For example all the electricity cables hanging above the streets, all the colourful tuk-tuks, the chaotic traffic, how warm it actually was and the strange people all around us.  
It was unreal to think about that the following day we would be sitting on a plane towards Kastrup airport and Denmark, our journey had come to an end, and soon we would be facing that god damn reality again.
Only a few people had knowledge about our arrival plans, as it was meant to be a surprise for everybody at home, friends as well as family. 
We had told everybody we were coming home in June, so no one expected us to knock on their doors as we planned to do the upcoming week.

Everything we did this day, we did for the last time… Actually everything we did the past week we did for the last time. It was sad! We spend our last night on Viva, I got my last pedicure and manicure, we drank the last Chang beer, ate our last Thai curry, had our last night with Christian and Tanya and so on. It was scary and sad -very sad!!!

The dessert was my favorite part of the lunch.
Tanya looooved the crabs 
Cable Madness

Monday 9th March

After 1½ year of travelling we were ready to go home. Our backpacks were full of countless and unforgettable moments, that has changed us and our lives forever.
And especially after waving good bye to Christian and Tanya, we realized THIS IS IT! The journey is over! Soon a new chapter in our lives would begin, the chapter called “getting use to a normal life again”. It’s very hard to describe how we felt in this very moment.
It was our last cab drive in Thailand and we were kindly dropped off at the international airport, and left 400bath (100kr) poorer. 
We were on our way home! 
We felt both excited and afraid. Excited to see friends and family but afraid of how we would fit in, in the normal life again. We have changed as persons and our perspective of life isn’t the same anymore, so we wondered how we would fit our new selves into the daily Danish routine again.
Thinking back it’s indescribable what we have been through during this trip. We have seen and experienced some mind blowing parts of the world, met overwhelming friendly people and been blown away by the beauty of this world - thousands of times. We have discovered that in the end it’s not about how many breath we took, it’s about all the moments that took our breath away.

To sum up our journey we began in China, where we walked on the Great Wall, visited the Worlds leading Giant Panda breeding base, experienced the stunning Yangshou River and had our longest train rides ever.
Then we crossed the border to Vietnam, where we trekked through the mountains to an old tribe, saw breathtaking Ha Long Bay, did some rock climbing, were scammed for the first time and did some seriously loooong off-the-beaten track bus rides through the country, and into Laos.
Then we did the mandatory tubing down the river in Vang Vieng, saw unreal dinosaur landscape, became friends with the locals and had a blast on the 4000 islands.

Then we paid Vietnam another visit to meet up with friends in Mui Ne, see Ho Chi Minh city, the II World war tunnels and explored Phu Quoc Island.
Then we crossed the border to Cambodia (we were meant to go to the Philippines but due to the devastating typhoon Haiyan we postponed our visit). We saw the touching killing fields, went to a cooking class in Phnom Penh, fell in love with Otres beach and experienced Angkor Wat by pump bikes.
We flew to Thailand where we celebrated Christmas in Bangkok with travel-friends, spend time with family on Koh Tao during New Years, got certified divers and tried our first live aboard diving trip, plus we trekked and slept in Khao Sok National Park and ate bamboo dinner.
Next stop was the Philippines, we took the unbeaten track through the area where the typhoon hit and saw devastating sights, we visited a far out island with no water and no electricity, we lived with the locals, dived with thresher sharks, snorkeled with turtles, saw unreal nature and left a piece of our hearts at Malapasqua and Siquijor islands.

Then we went back to Thailand to meet up with family, we experienced the demonstrations in Bangkok, visited the Summer Palace, saw Chang Mai and Pai, took care of rescued elephants, visited temples, did some island hopping and saw our first manta rays while diving.
By boat we crossed the border to Malaysia, we travelled with our all time favorite British friends (Tom & Verity), did a fair bit of trekking in Cameron Highlands, watched Formula 1 in Kuala Lumpur. 
We flew to Borneo, climbed Mount Kinabalu, cruised down the Kinabantangan river, spotted crocodiles, monitor lizards, orangutans, gibbons and proboscis monkies in the wild and became one with the nature.
We crossed the border into oil-rich Brunei, visited Sultan Omar Mosque, hung out with rich locals and sailed through Kampong Ayer water village.
Indonesia was next, and the boattrip from Lombok to Flores are one of the most unique and fantastic trips we have been on, we snorkeled with manta rays, climbed up steep waterfalls, bathed in the ocean every day, saw komodo dragons and met some absolutely awesome people from all over the world.
We visited the far out Kilimutu lakes, dived in strong currents in the Komodo strait and climbed the rewarding Mt. Rinjani.
We paid the Philippines another visit, we lived like rock stars in Manila (thanks to Christoffer), spend time with our British friends on Palawan, saw the UNESCO World Heritage underground river in Sabang, and loved every second in charming El Nido, we dived at Japanese shipwrecks in Coron islands and explored gorgeous Boracay.

Singapore fascinated us, with cheap sushi, brilliant Indian food and it’s cleanliness. We splashed out on our last night in South East Asia and stayed at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

We flew to the World’s smallest continent, Australia. We bought our own car (Migaloo) and travelled 25.000 km around the coastline of the country in 6 months.
Friends from home visited us, we met new friends, and visited old friends. We camped on Fraser island, watched humpback whales migrate to warmer water, we dived in massive waves and were amazed by the desolated and death-inviting outback. We were blown away by the white sandy beaches on the west coast and the rich wildlife everywhere. 
We did canoeing in Karijini National Park and visited unbelievable many gorges. 
We loved every second of the laid-back and friendly Australian people and their wine.

Then we flew to Fiji for the money we earned on our car sale, the Fijian people are some of the nicest we have met, we dived with black and white tipped reef sharks and witnessed hand feeding of bull sharks, we lived on a remote island resort, drank cava and became friends with the natives.
Then we paid New Zealand a visit, we lived with good friends in Auckland and are forever thankful for their hospitality and how they took so good care of us. We did a scary self-guided dive at Poor Knights, celebrated Christmas and New Years like Kiwi’s. 
We borrowed a car and drove around the two islands. We did the Tongariro Volcanic Crossing, trekked in Abel Tasman National Park, fell in love with adrenaline through bungy jumping and skydiving. We saw a lot of the country’s fur seals. 
Then we flew to Indonesia (again), met up with a friend from home, dived in crazy currents, saw hammerhead sharks and enjoyed life by drinking a decent amount of alcohol every day.
Second last stop was in Thailand where we again met with a friend from home, experienced Bangkok’s nightlife (again), paid Phi Phi Island another visit, rock climbed and partied hard for the last time, before going home.

We prepared ourselves, as much as possible, for the culture shock we would experience when planting our feet's on Danish ground again. We knew that nobody would ever understand what we have seen, experienced and been though. And actually we weren’t ready to talk about it with anyone anyway. We were just blessed to have each other to share it with. Nobody else needs to understand!

In the flight we were annoyed by all the Danish speaking people, and how well they understood us... All of a sudden we couldn’t speak about people behind their backs... Definitely an issue, that will take time to get use to again. In general we were mostly depressed, but we tried to convince ourselves that it was the right decision. I cried a minor tear when the crew announced that we were getting ready for landing in Kastrup, we were in rush to get out of the plane. 

The last couple of weeks (more precisely the past 10 months) we have spend endless time, on thinking about how we would surprise everybody at home, we've been looking forward to see people's reaction for ages and soon it was time to surprise everybody. 

Erik’s uncle Jørn, niece Christina and nephew Nicolai was some of the few people that knew we were coming home, so they picked us up in the airport. 
What we didn’t know, was that we were about to get the biggest surprise in our life, so as we were walking towards their “car”, a bunch of people started yelling and screaming at us.
It took us a few seconds to realize the situation; it was our family and friends, who had come to surprise us, so all of a sudden the messers become the messes. It was totally overwhelming and very unexpected to see all those people there. 
They had all come the whole way to Kastrup to pick us up and give us the warmest welcome ever. Jørn had arranged a party bus, where we all fitted, we ONLY listened to Danish songs and had the greatest party in a long time, on the 4 hour drive back home to Fredericia. 
The party continued at Jørn’s house where more people showed up, to welcome us home. It was fantastic and a perfect way to surprise us. 
Thanks to all the people who were there, we really appreciate it! 

Next morning when we woke up the reality kicked in, and we both cried a bit.
 We honestly weren’t sure if returning home was the right decision for us, we were scared of the normal lifestyle that we would soon be a part of again. We were also overwhelmed by the big surprise party that was thrown for us, and at the same time we were extremely disappointed that we never got to surprise our family and friends. Those plans got ruined completely. 
It took us a few days to get over all these mixed feelings. 
Looking back it was actually the most perfect way to return home, and we were happy that family and friends had had something to look forward to, even though we had planned our surprise for 10 months.

First Danish breakfast in ages!

People say they wish they could go travel the world as we did. The truth is everybody can do it; you just need to want it bad enough and have the courage to do it. 
The only thing holding you back is yourself and your fear of the unknown. 
Forget whatever you thought “home” was and get out there and explore this magical world that you and we live in. When you pack your life into a backpack and turn your life into a journey with uncertainty, you grow in unexpected ways. You think you know yourself before you start travelling, but you have no idea of who you really are, until you venture out of your comfort zone and start pushing those boundaries. 
You will face new challenges and get to know parts of yourselves you didn’t know existed, you will be amazed by the world and it will take your breath away – a million times!!!
For the first time in your life you will feel the real freedom, you will be free as the bird to do whatever you want, without any worries, plans or bills to pay…
You learn to make yourselves comfortable in every place you are, you learn not to let fear stand in your way, you get the courage to try new things, push your own boundaries and do things that you never thought you would do. Plus getting to know yourself through travelling makes you capable of everything afterwards.
The true beauty of travel comes from the sights you see and the people you meet, not the clothes you wear or the expensive gadgets you have. The less you have the happier you are.
When you travel you meet people who will change your perspective of life and lead you in another unknown direction. 
You will realize there are things more important than money and “security”, these things are called adventures and experiences.
Remember travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. It's never too late and there's always a reason to go and explore. 

There's is no doubt that we will be forever wanderlust and we will never loose the desire to see new parts of the world.
We gave up everything to go travel, and it’s the best decision we have ever made.

After returning home we had to get use to a lot of different things again, like for example:

When parking your car you don’t necessary need to park it in the shade (as it never gets too hot here)
Driving in the right side of the road (oopsi)
Using deodorant (I personally over do the spraying, just because I’m able to)
The first couple of days Erik wanted to keep packing his stuff together in his backpack, after he used them (we don’t necessarily have to do that anymore)
The weather to be cold instead of hot and sweaty
Having a couch to chill in and watch TV from (not that hard)
Have exaggerated much clothing to choose from, ridiculous!
The use of a duvet at night
Wearing socks and closed shoes (this has not been fun at all!!!)
Toilet paper in public toilets
Weather conditions (no kidding)
Grey concrete buildings (we miss colours)
Clothes hangers (what a luxurious thing to have)
That we don’t need to cover in sunscreen/mosquito spray several times each day
Worst of all, the daily routine!

Erik has made sure that we got all our travels written down in kilometers and hours. He haven’t noted our many trips in tuk-tuks or ricksaws, or all of our free rides, but besides that we got it all documented ;)

1.       Chp – Warszawa                                  672km     =       1h. 15 min
2.       Warszawa – Beijing                            6942km     =         9h. 5 min
3.       Siem Reap – Bangkok                          364km     =       1h. 10 min
4.       Phuket – Singapore                              957km     =       1h. 20 min
5.       Singapore – Manila                             2391km     =       3h. 10 min
6.       Manila – Legazpi                                  339km     =            55 min
7.       Cebu – Manila                                      571km     =       1h. 02 min
8.       Manila – Bangkok                               2211km     =       3h. 16 min
9.       Bangkok – Chiang Mai                          581km     =            50 min
10.   Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu               1624km     =       2h. 18 min
11.   BSB Brunei – Kuala Lumpur                  1483km      =      2h. 11 min
12.   Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar Bali                1990km     =       2h. 48 min
13.   Ende – Kupang                                       258km     =            46 min
14.   Kupang -  Lombok                                   815km     =      1h. 12 min
15.   Denpasar Bali – Manila                          2624km     =       3h. 10 min
16.   Manila – Puerto Princesa                         591km     =            50 min
17.   Coron – Manila                                        294km     =            50 min
18.   Manila – Kalibo                                        355km    =            39 min
19.   San Jose – Manila                                    251km    =            40 min
20.   Manila - Singapore                                  2391km    =       3h. 15 min
21.   Singapore – Sydney                                6305km    =       2h. 26 min
22.   Cairns – Goldcoast                                 1458km    =       2h. 31 min
23.   Goldcoast – Cairns                                 1458km    =       2h. 24 min
24.   Sydney – Nadi                                        3158km   =       3h. 43 min
25.   Suva – Kadavu                                          106km   =            32 min
26.   Kadavu – Nadi                                           160km   =            44 min
27.   Nadi – Auckland                                      2144km   =       3h. 06 min
28.   Auckland – Sydney                                  2159km   =       3h. 40 min
29.   Sydney – Bali                                          4622km   =       6h. 15 min
30.   Bali – Kuala Lumpur                                 2039km   =       2h. 55 min
31.   Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok                          1388km   =       1h. 58 min
32.   Krabi – Bangkok                                        655km   =       1h. 36 min
33.   Bangkok – Copenhagen                            8614km   =     11h. 34 min

1.       Beijing – Shanghai                                 1318km   =        4h. 55 min
2.       Shanghai – Guilin                                  1621km    =      19h. 58 min
3.       Guilin - Chengdu                                    1544km   =       24h. 36 min
4.       Chengdu -Kunming                                 1100km   =      20h. 09 min
5.       Chiang Mai – Bangkok                             696km   =       16h. 04 min
6.       Bangkok – Suratthani                               644km   =      12h. 28 min
7.       Bangkok – Suratthani                               644km   =      11h. 56 min

1.       Guilin – Yangshuo                                      73km   =      1h. 28 min
2.       Yangshuo – Guilin                                      73km   =      1h. 35 min
3.       Kunming – Hekoú                                     443km   =      6h. 55 min
4.       Lao Cai - Sapa                                           38km   =            50 min
5.       Sapa - Hanoi                                            350km   =     10h. 35 min
6.       Hanoi – Haiphong                                     105km   =         2h. 3 min
7.       Cat Ba Town – Cai Vieng                            25km   =             55 min
8.       Haiphong – Hanoi                                     105km   =       2h. 11 min
9.       Hanoi – Vinh                                            261km   =       8h. 34 min
10.   Vinh – Phonsavan                                       375km   =     12h. 25 min
11.   Phonsavan – Luang Prabang                        260km   =       6h. 40 min
12.   Luang Prabang - Vang Vieng                        228km   =        6h. 5 min
13.   Vang Vieng – Vientiane                               156km    =      3h. 45 min
14.   Vientiane – Tha Khaek                                 337km   =      5h. 20 min
15.   Tha Khaek – Savannakhet                            125km   =        2h. 3 min
16.   Savannakhet – Pakse                                  242km   =      6h. 20 min
17.   Ban Nakasang – Pakse                               145km   =      2h. 24 min
18.   Pakse – Attapeu                                         198km   =      5h. 17 min
19.   Attapue – Ngoc Hoi                                     137km   =      3h. 55 min
20.   Ngoc Hoi – Danang                                     249km   =      4h. 22 min
21.   Danang – Hoi An                                          29km   =      1h. 12 min
22.   Hoi An – Nha Trang                                     509km   =    11h. 41 min
23.   Nha Trang – Mui Ne                                    220km   =      5h. 37 min
24.   Mui Ne – Ho Chi Minh                                 219km   =      6h. 17 min
25.   Ho Chi Minh – Can Tho                               173km   =      3h. 20 min
26.   Can Tho – Rach Gia                                   106km   =      2h. 56 min
27.   Bai Vong – Long Beach                                15km   =           25 min
28.   Long Beach – Bai Vong                                15km   =           20 min
29.   Ha Tien – Sihanoukville                               148km   =      5h. 23 min
30.   Sihanoukville – Phom Phen                         225km   =      7h. 16 min
31.   Phnom Penh – Battambang                        291km   =      6h. 05 min
32.   Battambang – Siem Reap                           170km   =      3h. 10 min
33.   Bangkok – Chumphon                                452km   =      7h. 02 min
34.   Don Sak – Suratthani                                   44km   =      1h. 03 min
35.   Suratthani – Khao Sok                                232km  =      2h. 25 min
36.   Khao Sok – Khao Lak                                  74km   =      1h. 50 min
37.   Khao Lak – Phuket Town                            100km   =      2h. 14 min
38.   Phuket Town – Phuket Airport                       30km   =      2h. 05 min
39.   Legazpi – Donsol                                         48km   =      1h. 15 min
40.   Legazpi – Sorsogon                                      60km  =      2h. 20 min  
41.   Allen – Calbayog                                          82km  =      1h. 55 min
42.   Calbayog – Catbalogan                                 73km  =      1h. 24 min
43.   Catbalogan – Tacloban                                102km  =      1h. 57 min
44.   Tacloban – Naval                                        123km   =      2h. 27 min
45.   Naval – Ormoc                                             87km   =      2h. 06 min
46.   Ormoc – Maasin                                         126km  =      2h. 30 min
47.   Maasin – Bato                                              39km  =           48 min
48.   Ubay – Loboc                                               81km  =      2h. 32 min
49.   Loboc – Tagbiliran                                         24km  =           58 min
50.   Tagbilaran – Panglao Island                           23km   =     1h. 25 min
51.   Panglao Island – Tagbilaran                           23km   =           55 min
52.   Dumaguete - Dauin                                       15km   =           35 min
53.   Dauin – Dumaguete                                      15km   =           45 min
54.   Bato – Moalboal                                           58km   =      1h. 38 min
55.   Moalboal – Cebu                                          85km   =      2h. 40 min
56.   Cebu – Maya                                              136km  =      4h. 45 min
57.   Maya  - Cebu                                              136km  =      4h. 39 min
58.   Chiang Mai – Pai                                        130km   =      3h. 16 min
59.   Pai – Chiang Mai                                        130km   =      3h. 02 min
60.   Suratthani – Krabi                                       154km   =      2h. 15 min
61.   Kangar – Butterworth                                  149km    =     2h. 18 min
62.   Georgetown – Tanah Rata                           242km    =     6h. 05 min
63.   Tanah Rata – Kuala Lumpur                        205km    =     5h. 19 min
64.   Kuala Lumpur – Melaka                              136km    =     1h. 55 min
65.   Melaka – Kuala Lumpur                              136km    =     1h. 49 min
66.   Kota Kinabalu – Sepilok                             304km    =      6h. 17 min
67.   Sepilok – Mt. Kinabalu                               219km    =      4h. 13 min
68.   Mt. Kinabalu – Kota Kinabalu                       86km    =      1h. 55 min
69.   Sanur – Padang Bai                                     42km   =      1h.   8 min
70.   Labuan Bajo – Ende                                   384km   =     15h. 16 min
71.   Ende – Moni                                                60km   =      2h. 12 min
72.   Moni – Ende                                                60km   =      1h. 58 min
73.   Padang Bai – Kuta (Bali)                               55km   =      1h. 23 min
74.   Puerto Princesa – Sabang                             80km   =      1h. 32 min
75.   Sabang – Salvacion                                      41km   =      1h. 16 min
76.   Salvacion – El Nido                                     228km   =      4h. 40 min
77.   El Nido – Puerto Princesa                            228km   =      5h. 25 min
78.   Coron Town – Coron Airport                           22km   =            40 min
79.   Kalibo – Caticlan                                          68km    =      1h. 32 min
80.   Roxas – San Jose                                        98km    =      2h. 25 min
81.   San Jose – Concepcion Calitaan                    40km   =      1h. 08 min
82.   Concepcion Calintaan – San Jose                  40km   =      2h. 12 min
83.   Kuta Beach – Sanur                                      13km   =      1h. 32 min
84.   Bangsal – Senggigi                                       24km   =            55 min
85.   Senggigi – Kuta (Lombok)                              67km   =      1h. 25 min
86.   Kuta (Lombok) – Bangsal                               74km  =       2h.   5 min
87.   Amed – Ubud                                                90km  =       2h. 23 min
88.   Ubud – Kuta Beach                                       33km   =       2h. 10 min
89.   Suratthani – Krabi                                        154km  =       3h. 08 min
90.   Krabi  – Krabi Airport                                     13km   =            21 min

1.       Haiphong – Cat Ba                                      42km  =       2h. 30 min
2.       Cai Vieng – Haiphong                                  12km  =            50 min
3.       Ban Nakasang – Don Det                              2km   =           15 min
4.       Don Det – Ban Nakasang                              2km   =           25 min
5.       Rach Gia – Ban Vong                                120km   =      2h. 44 min
6.       Ban Vong – Ha Tien                                    45km   =      1h. 28 min
7.       Chumphon – Koh Tao                                  67km   =      1h. 50 min
8.       Koh Tao – Koh Samui                                  62km  =      2h. 10 min                 
9.       Koh Samui  - Don Sak                                 75km  =      1h. 30 min
10.   Matnog – Allen                                              28km  =      1h. 55 min
11.   Naval – Higatangan Island                              13km   =      1h. 04 min
12.   Higatangan Island – Naval                              13km   =      1h. 02 min
13.   Bato – Ubay                                                  45km  =      3h. 05 min
14.   Tagbilaran – Siquijor                                     118km  =      2h. 40 min
15.   Siquijor – Dumaguete                                     43km  =      1h. 18 min
16.   Dauin – Apo Island                                         17km  =      1h. 35 min
17.   Apo Island – Dauin                                         17km  =      1h. 45 min
18.   Sibolan – Liloan                                               4km  =            28 min
19.   Maya – Malapascua Island                               8km  =      1h. 12 min
20.   Malapascua Island – Maya                               8km  =            50 min
21.   Krabi – Koh Phi Phi                                        42km  =      1h. 45 min
22.   Koh Phi Phi – Koh Lanta                                 31km  =      1h. 18 min
23.   Koh Lanta – Koh Lipe                                      98km  =      6h. 22 min
24.    Koh Lipe – Langkawi                                      42km  =      1h. 08 min
25.   Langkawi – Kuala Persis                                 32km   =           58 min
26.   Butterworth – Georgetown                                 6km   =           18 min
27.   Kota Kinabalu – Mamutik Island                       10km   =           13 min
28.   Mamutik Island – Kota Kinabalu                       10km   =           12 min
29.   Padang Bai – Gili Trawangan                            66km  =      2h. 25 min
30.   Gili Trawangan – Bangsal                                   7km  =           44 min
31.   Bangsal – Gili Air                                              2km   =           17 min
32.   Gili Air – Padang Bai                                        61km  =      2h. 02 min
33.   Puerto Princesa – Coron                                 400km  =    13h. 20 min
34.   Caticlan – Boracay                                            1km  =            11 min
35.   Boracay – Caticlan                                            1km  =            10 min
36.   Caticlan – Roxas                                             88km  =      3h. 58 min
37.   Kadavu Airport – Matana Beach                          5km  =           18 min
38.   Matana Beach – Kadavu Airport                          5km  =           14 min
39.   Wellington – Picton                                        102km  =      3h. 48 min
40.   Picton – Wellington                                        102km  =      3h. 55 min
41.   Sanur – Nusa Lembongan                                13km  =            30 min
42.   Nusa Lembongan – Gili Trawangan                    84km  =       3h. 08min
43.   Gili Trawangan – Bangsal                                   7km  =            28 min
44.   Bangsal – Amed                                              49km  =       1h.  4 min
45.   Krabi – Koh Phi Phi                                          42km  =       1h. 48 min
46.   Koh Phi Phi – Krabi                                          42km  =       1h. 38 min

1.       Pakse – Ban Nakasang                                145km   =       3h. 42 min
2.       Donsol – Legazpi                                           48km   =       1h. 35 min
3.       Sorsogon – Matnog                                        62km   =       2h. 08 min
4.       Maasin – Padre Burgos                                  32km   =       1h. 22 min
5.       Padre Burgos – Maasin                                  32km   =             54 min
6.       Sembalun – Senaru                                        36km  =             55 min
1.       Australia                                                  24801km   =     4,5 months (driving)
2.       New Zealand                                              8094km   =        6 weeks (driving)

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